Alganon coming to Steam!

On April 27, 2015, in News, by qol-admin

Along with the extensive combat and bug fixes we have also been busy re-tooling the game to share the world of Alganon with even more players.  With this in mind, we are happy to announce that after doing a lot of work to support SteamWorks integration, Alganon will soon be coming to Steam!

The game will still be F2P with the in-game cash shop, but you can still purchase the Rise Of The Ourobani expansion.

This is an exciting step for Alganon and we look forward to the new and existing players that will take advantage of it.  We will release more information when we get closer to the release, so stay tuned!

By the time you read this, the Coming Soon store page should be live on Steam.

Being released on Steam, also means that you will be able to login using either a new Steam account or your existing legacy Alganon account. Since the game is F2P, you can remove your pre-existing installation, then install the Steam version which allows you to login using either a Steam or legacy Alganon account.

There are no plans to migrate existing Alganon accounts to Steam since both login methods will continue to be supported.

Ahead of the launch, we also fixed a few lingering bugs and released a patch which went live earlier today.

We are aware of the impending shutdown of Zeevex, our in-game payment processing service effective August 2015 (no card purchase after Feb 28th, 2015); and we are in the process of implementing an alternate payment system. More news in couple of weeks.

This and a lot more info in this month’s newsletter that went out earlier to all Alganon players.


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