Alganon Expansion Completed!

On January 14, 2014, in News, by qol-admin

Finally – we can say that the Rise Of  The Ourobani expansion pack is now 100% completed. It has been a long time coming; especially since it was put on hold at some point in 2013 due to various unforeseen circumstances including a restructuring, server move to a new datacenter, team member switches etc.

It has been long time coming and given the design and nature of the legacy engines, we’ve had some challenges; especially with people coming and going as well.

Currently we have a few bugs and some marketing issues to nail down before we push it out to the masses.

We are currently shooting for a late January to early February release. For real this time.





One Response to Alganon Expansion Completed!

  1. Soaloam says:

    That is great news from Derek and the crew! Yes it has been a long time coming but I knew you would get it done eventually. Good work Alganon keeps trudging on even through the ass assaholic posts of reviewers who have no clue how to program or build a game, let alone run a company and keep it out of the red. Morons with a mission to blab is all they are. Trolls that some how got hired out of youtube and for some unbelievable reason get money to write shit on people. Especially the WOW clone crap….OK… SO what game isn’t like WOW in looks now?…Daft…. As a game design sub contractor working for the biggest MMO builder in the world I can tell you that even for the guys I work for its nail biting time most times for them as well.

    Any ways that is great news! Cant wait to get it. I have been playing the game for a few years now and I really like it.

    Keep up the fight!

    Thomas J Wood
    Author- The Trill’eon Chronicles.
    Founder-Lead designer -Cr1-software.Ltd

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